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 Excise Program for Effective Revenue Tracking (xPERT) towards total e-governance of State Excise

xPERT is an web-based e-Governance system being hosted at www.wbexcise.gov.in. It involves in the creation, storage, analysis, dissemination and use of information to monitor the day-to-day activities of the Excise Directorate, Government of West Bengal. The entire system will be used by the State Government and Excise Officials at various levels, all the Licensees including Bottlers, Distilleries, Bonds, Trades and Retail shops, SBI personnel (Revenue collection agency on behalf of Excise Department) and Consumers, Applicants for licenses and members of the public. The Excise offices at various levels including all the stakeholders of Excise Directorate will reside on a Virtual Private Network to connect the web server for exchange of information through online operation of excise functions. This will envisage establishing a centralized data bank that will contain entries for all relevant information pertaining to the movement of excisable goods viz. import, processing, production, distribution, retail and consumption of excisable commodities, transaction of revenues, activities of all functional units of the Excise Directorate and the establishment matters.

G2B Services:

Government carries out Business with the Licensees and earns revenue by offering the following services:

       Grant of New Licenses and Renewal of Licenses for the next period of settlement. A fee is taken from the Licensees for the Grant  and renewal of their Licenses.

       Registration of finished products (Liquor) of the bottlers which is essential for trading that product in the state. Revenue is generated thro' registration of Labels

       Fees earned by issue of  Import Permit cum Pass, Export Permit cum Pass and Transport Pass from the Licensees with respect to Movement of Liquor. Excise Duty is also realized at the time of movement of liquor.

       Fines and Penalties imposed on Licensees for violating provisions of Excise Acts and Rules.


   G2G Services:

o        Government can have a view of total Licensees of the State (District wise / Category wise / Sub-Category wise)

o        Government can have a view of  Licensees who have their Licenses renewed / not renewed

o        Government can have a view of  total registered products for a particular duration

o        Government can have a view of total Import Permits, Export Permits and Transport Passes issued for the whole state for a particular duration (District-wise) including the number of requisitions that have been submitted by the Licensees for Permits and Passes on daily basis and the number of these have been served.

o        The System will help the Government provide better services to the Licensees and assessment of revenue (District-wise for duration) on real time.

o        Government can also have a ready record on available stock of Liquor and Spirit and consumption of Liquor and Spirit for duration. This will be a planning tool for the Government for fixing targets towards revenue generation.

o        Streamlining and Systematizing Inter-departmental and Intra-Departmental information resulting in increased efficiency in Administration, cutting down response times and delivering better service, controlling crimes and preventing revenue leakages and knowledge sharing.


             G2C Services:

o        Through introduction of suitable GPR (Government Process Re engineering) in the process of Renewal of Licenses for the Licensees within the State, the waiting time will be reduced considerably. So, better service can be provided to the Licensees/ Businesses.

o        The waiting time for getting permits and passes by the Licensees for Import / Export / Transport of Liquor will be minimized through introduction of GPR in the System.

o        Citizens can have details of Off/On Shop in his/her locality and availability of Liquor (Type/Brand wise) in the shops with their price and all other procedures, rules of the Excise Department.


      G2E Services:

The System will help the employees to produce  relevant reports in minimum possible time for management purposes and this will substantially improve the office processes thro' the MIS being developed.

Benefit to employees thro' Computerization of ten functional units (including Personnel Information System and Payroll).

Employees will have access to all the Excise rules regarding their domain of work

Expected Impact of the Project on E-Governance  Scenario at National / State level

                     Online Reconciliation of Revenue Unit wise on Daily basis

                     Online Tracking of Status of different processes viz. Grant of License, Tranport Pass, Import Permits & Export Permits

                     Reduce Activity Cost

                     Increase revenue for Government through Integration with Treasuries and  Commercial Tax Application of West Bengal and  other States in India with respect to Permits and Passes

                     Reduce total process cycle time

                     Reduce waiting time for the Licensees

                     Increasing throughput


Project Co-ordinator:  Mrs. M.Banerjee, Technical Director, NIC,WBSC

e-mail:  maitreyi.banerjee@nic.in






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