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When you choose our hosting services, you get more than just raw space and an address on the Internet. our wide range of hosting services right from Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers to Co-located Servers and Managed Hosting provide you with everything your web site needs to survive and flourish online.

Our hosting solutions are available on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Windows, Solaris etc. We also support state of the-art web technologies on our servers right from CGI, Perl, ASP, PHP, Front Page Extensions, JSP, JAVA etc. Our capabilities include supporting a variety of databases including MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL etc.

Our hosting infrastructure includes a large number of powerful performance tuned and secure servers which are well connected with Internet. We use load balancing and clustering solutions to effectively manage the heavy traffic on the websites during peak-hours and to ensure a high degree of availability.

Kindly note that to ensure utmost security, no website can be hosted on the NIC web servers without undergoing the mandatory Security Audit.

Procedures to follow for hosting a Website on NIC Server is listed under various heads.

Details on the web hosting Services
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