Utility Software

1. Computerization of Salary Accounts (COSA)

COSA, developed in Client-Server based paradigm, ensures accuracy and timeliness in the generation of Pay Bills, Schedules and other Annexure required for producing Salary Bills of the establishments of Government Departments. The salient feature of COSA is that it neither needs any DBMS engine to be installed in the user machine nor any sort of Programming/Reporting Software tool and hence proved to be a cost-effective solution in conformation with the policy of NIC in implementing E-Governance in the Government Offices. A circular vide no. 9491-F dated 20/09/2002 has been issued by the Principal Secretary of Finance Department to all the Departments of the Government of West Bengal to prepare Pyabill (Innersheet & outersheet) & Annexure using this Software for submission to Treasury/PAO

For more information http://www.wbfin.nic.in

2. Letter & File Monitoring System (LFMS)

Computerization of system of Letter & File Monitoring for Government Offices has been developed with an aim to improve working procedure at the Government Offices.

LFMS has two parts viz. the first part monitors letters (including receipt and despatch) details. The main input documents are the information related to Receipt of Letters and Despatch of Letters. Beneficiaries are the Government of West Bengal Offices. Implemented and in use at Chief Minister Secretariat, Finance Tax (Special Secretary), Agriculture Department, Directorate of Land Records & Survey and Urban Development Department.
Web site available : No

3. Fund Flow Monitoring System (FFMS)

Computerization of Fund Flow Monitoring System for Government Offices has been developed with an aim to improve working procedure at the Government Offices.

i) Data for budget provision may be directly imported from budget data.
ii)The System helps each department to release/sub-allotment fund allocated by the Finance department to its different schemes, its directorates and other bodies under its control.
iii)The System provides re-appropriation as per Finance Department rule, i.e. augmentation of funds out of the consolidated fund.
iv)The system helps to generate release/sub-allotment of fund order against budget allocation on different Heads of account.
v) Generates various MIS query and abstract query such as Major, Minor, Scheme and Details release / sub-allotment Abstract, Department / Directorate order

4. Service Records Monitoring Information System (SERMONIS)

The software helps the user department create database of service records, maintain them, generate a host of statutory periodical reports and query on various information required either by the administration or by the employee concerned from time to time.

5. DOCUNIC Document Scanning Software

Docunic is a document scanning solution developed by NIC, West Bengal. Multi-page documents can be scanned in one go with a facility for indexing. Software can be customized for index entry as per requirement of the job. Docunic has been incorporated in CORD application software as scanning solution replacing a very costly third party solution.

6. e-Granthalaya (Library Automation and Networking)

e-Granthalaya is considered a Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking System. This s/w is used for the computerization of library activities and services in a networked environment. The s/w contains various modules such as Administration, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial control, Article indexing, Budget Control, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) etc.

6. RIMS (Recruitment Information Management System)

Digital inclusion of the rural and urban masses thus bridging the divide and closing the gap is the objective. RIMS is a web application developed under AGRISNET project for the Department of Agriculture tackles the following issues pertaining to any recruitment conducted by the department:

  • Online application for job against a recruitment notice by aspiring candidates

  • Notifications from time to time regarding the recruitment schedule

  • Generation of Admit Card Online

  • Downloading of Admit Cards by applicants thus saving time and cost eradicating postal delays and associated costs

  • Extensive access to information

  • Online publication of merit list and thus results

  • Provides equal opportunity to the aspirants rural/urban

  • Advocates transparency

This application is ready for use by any department of the government for their recruitment purposes.

7. Financial Accounting Information System (FIAS)

Brief Description:  Financial Accounting Information System (FAIS) system has three modules

i) Financial Accounting Module - Accounting module takes inputs from the basic financial transaction documents namely Credit Voucher, Debit Voucher and Journal Voucher. The module generates various Financial Accounting Reports which include General Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Book, Cash Trial, Trial Balance, Schedule, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and MIS query report etc.

ii) Inventory Module - The module takes inputs from the basic financial transaction documents namely, Challan, Cash Memo, Tax Invoice and Market value of Closing Stock. The system generates various Stock Accounting Reports which include Challan, Tax Invoice, Sale Register, Purchase Register, VAT Input, VAT Output Register, Quantity Statement-Receipt and Quantity Statement-Issue, Stock Balance Sheet and MIS query report etc.

iii) Fixed Assets Module - The module takes inputs from the basic financial transaction documents of old and new Fixed Assets information. The module generates various Fixed Assets Accounting reports which include Unit-wise / Asset item-wise Assets Report, Assets addition / sale during the current Financial Year and Asset-wise Deprecation Report







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