Raja Rammohan Roy Library(RRRL) Foundation

Computerization in RRRL Foundation

The software is capable of handling each aspect of the above activities which may be listed as follows :

Preparation of Agenda List (list of books submitted for selection) for the Central Book Selection Committee.
Consolidation and categorization of the recommended books for different categories of libraries in the country.
Issue of purchase orders to the Publishers/Suppliers and Preparation of Bills.
Sanction of payment (phase wise bill processing) to the suppliers with respect to acknowledgement of books from the recipient libraries.
Exception lists like disputed/rejected books, defaulter libraries, reminder letters, defaulter suppliers etc.
Fund management and Cost Analysis of this scheme for a financial year

For more information click on http://www.rrrlf.nic.in/

Public Library Survey Information System

The software creates a public library database having the following salient features :
Capable of creating input library details both in English and Hindi.
Generates 45 types of reports needed by the Foundation & Parliament both in English and Hindi (including State, District, Below District Level).
Graphical (Pie, Bar, Stack) presentation of various statistical reports/ Queries.
A Decision support system for issue of library grant.
Creates the directory of public libraries & Abridge Form
For more information click on http://www.rrrlf.nic.in/








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