Integrated Sea Port Operations Management System (iSPOMS)

 Description :    With the recent initiatives of e-Governance movement, B2B, B2G for the Port based services has gained a lot of significance for improvement of quality, simplifications and transparencies of the services. With these objectives in mind, Indian Port Association has taken initiatives for establishment of national level one stop business communication facilities called, PCS (Port Community System), for exchanging B2B & B2G related messages covering both National and International stakeholders.

From the perspectives of Port business processes, above mentioned initiatives has resulted in standardization of exchange of information between Port and itís stakeholders through well defined messages. These set of messages may be considered as the first step towards standardization for Portsí Business Activities. NIC being the only national level organization, already involved both at central level (IPA) and at port level for more than last 10 years, has realized the new requirements by incorporating the seamless integration of PCS & EDI messages and  packaging the Port application software as iSPOMS based on the software originally designed and developed for HDC.

iSPOMS is the software product to perform management of Port side business  activities across the various sections within the port in an integrated manner and helps for exchanging business related messages between stakeholders using ICT.

Release Date (DD/MM/YY) : Under development                                                                         

Last Revision (DD/MM/YY) : N.A


Procurement Details (how other NIC Centres/ govt departments  can acquire the product?): This ERP Software may require some degree of customization for specific port requirements such as Scale of Rate, Type of Services provided etc. Formal request is required to be placed to NIC by the port concerned for customizing and implementing the software.           


 Documents    (pdf format)   

 1.  Installation Guide - May be provided for specific Case

 2.  User Manual - General User Manuals are available







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