Home Department

1. CIPA - Common Integrated Police Administration

2. POLIS – Police License Information System

POLIS monitors Police License related to “Place of Public Entertainment” of Kolkata Police Directorate. It has a number of modules for handling day to day operations like Application for New / Renewal Police License data entry, Update, Report and MIS Query etc.  The software generates various reports such as Application received reports (Application receipt, File Label and file Register), Application processing reports (forwarding letter, TP/DD/SCO/SB letter and note sheet), Division & police station-wise category and License reports (License pending, License Issue, License renewal and renewal notice)

  • MIS Query and Report available on Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Application Status, Verification Report Pending , Verification Report Status, and category & item-wise applicant

  • Query available on Renewal Cases, License Status, Division, Police Station, File No., License No., Applicant Name, Address, Pin Code and Year.

3. Missing Person Information System

4. Protocol Information Management System -The system computerizes day-to-day activities of protocol Section of the Home (Political) Department. Chief Secretary, the State Protocol Officer, is in overall charge of ensuring that all protocol norms are duly observed. The work areas of the project are :
(i) Monitoring different activities related to the visits of the VVIPs & VIPs like the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Governors, Cabinet Ministers and other eminent personalities of the Government of India, Dignitaries of Foreign Countries and other State Governments.
(ii) Information System for Accommodation, Boarding and Transport arrangements for Air Crews engaged on the flight of VVIP aircraft, Payment system of Air Crew Bill from State Budget, Processing for Payment of Bills related to visits of VVIPS/VIPs/State Ceremonies.
(iii) Preparation of database of the Consular Corps and Allied Matters to generate Government Identity Cards etc.






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