Port Operations & Management System (POMS) of Kolkata Port Trust
Utilizing the knowledge of Haldia, NIC/NICSI had customized, developed and implemented the Port Operations Management System (POMS)  project for operational activities for Kolkata Dock System (KDS). It has the following modules:
Vessel Management for Kolkata Port Trust as a whole
Cargo Management for Liquid, Bulk and Break-bulk cargo
Container Management including Yard Planning & Management. Container movement capture using mobile devices
Container Freight Station (CFS)  Store Planning, De-stuffing operation
Railway Operations Management including Wagon movement, Commercial activities and Railway Billing
Berth Management Including Equipment Management, Labour Management, Incentive, Accident information etc.
 PCS/EDI message Integration with POMS

    Technical Environment: 3-tier Architecture, JSF-based User Interface, EJB2.1

Type of Project/Services (G2G, G2C, G2B, G2E): It is a G2G & G2B project

           Impact of the project:

Being one of the oldest ports of the country, KDS has got a number of legacy systems making information integration quite difficult. Age old processes required modernization which was boosted by the requirement of message based interaction with stakeholder through Port Community System of Indian Port Association. It is interesting to note that the performance of KoPT-KDS has been one of first few ports in terms of PCS-based service delivery. Online operational data capture using campus wide network has improved promptness as well as transparency of the services. The POMS system has also enhanced the uniformity of business standards in terms of data entity as well as business procedures due to intercommunication and re-usage of the ICT components between HDC and KDS.


Start Date (DD/MM/YY): 01-08-2007

End Date   (DD/MM/YY): Continued

Keywords (max 5)  : POMS, KoPT, CFS, PCS, KDS






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