Projects for Haldia Dock Complex (HDC)

1. Title   : Comprehensive Computerization Project of Haldia Dock Complex

Description : Comprehensive Computerization Project of HDC was a turnkey-project for NIC/NICSI including system study, system design, software development, H/w & S/w infrastructure creation, deployment and implementation of the system.  The system was deployed and finally commissioned in July 2003 in a Centralized environment at Jawhar Tower along with a Disaster Recovery System (DRS) located at Chiranjibpur at a distance of 7 Kms. This state-of-the art software was implemented in web-based environment and successfully running till date.  


Functional Activities Covered


Vessel Operations   Management System integrated with Customs EDI, IPA PCS, Traffic and Finance systems

  •  Vessel operations using PCS message.

  • IPA codifications for Ports master data. 

  • Call-ins based on system defined logic

 Cargo & Container Operation Management System integrated with Vessel, EDI, PCS and Finance system

  • Data collected internally from interconnected system, usage in other integrated subsystems in a consistent manner.

  • Integration with PCS/EDI.

Railway Operations Management System including major operations such as Operational, Billing and Commercial aspects

  • Supports utilization of port/private resources for movement of goods. 

  • Supports Information System facilities for port to act as Terminal Agent of Indian Railways..

Receipt & Payment, General Accounts, Budget Monitoring, Marine Billing, Cargo Billing, Electricity Billing, Land & Estate Billing, Payroll & Pension, Investment Management

  •  Service Opening No (SON) for service-wise accounting as well as Vessel-wise accounting

  • Demand Note, Treasury receipt, Refund Processing, TDS Certificate issuance

  • Auditing facilities

Project Estimation, Tender Processing, Measurement book & billing, Maintenance of  Buildings, Fresh Water Management

  • Project estimation using Schedule Rate

  • Bill Generation from Measurement Book

Land & Estate Management, Legal Case Monitoring, MIS

  • System defined clause code for lease

  •    Integrated with Finance for monthly billing

  •    Morning Position as well as Ministerial report through Integrated MIS

Inventory Management, Store, Purchase, Scrap Management

  •   Integration of Purchase, Store and Finance

  •   Standard item code master for entire HDC

Personnel Information System, Training, Legal & Disciplinary Case Monitoring,

Recruitment & Promotion System, Settlement System, Attendance and Leave Monitoring System

  •      Personnel Information integrated with Payroll, Operations, Hospital Management, Quarter Management etc.

  •      Various type of duty rostering supporting nature of work, Cetralized Leave Management

Out Door  & Indoor Patient Care System, Dispensary Management, Pathology & Radiology Lab Management System, Operation Theatre Management, Medical Store

  •    Online Patient Registration, Medicine issue and Integration with Personnel Information, Finance and Material Management System.


Besides the above additional areas were covered subsequently under the following packages


1.   Photo Permit System for online Permit Generation with Photo-capture for ISPS compliance

2.   Port-Customs EDI System for Customs message integration with Port operations

3.   HDC Portal Development for providing information of HDC Business activities through website (www.haldiadock.gov.in) including online operational and financial status information

4.    Change of Scale of Rate Project for incorporating new Rate of Service following TAMP guideline as well as  changed business processes for billing and services.

5.    Container Yard Planning & Management System for Container Yard Management and Container tracking

6.   Integration of Port Community System with Enterprise system for seamless integration of HDC operational activities with business request/response for its stakeholders through PCS Messages.


Start Date (DD/MM/YY): 01-02-2000

End Date   (DD/MM/YY): 31-07-2003 (original project),  PCS Integration project in progress

Project Documents if any (pdf  format)  


Keywords (max 5): HDC, TAMP, CYPM, PCS, DRS







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