District Information Systems (DISNIC)  

Gun License Information and Monitoring System

Arms being sensitive items in the civil society, they are controlled through a licensing mechanism. The objective of the system is to create and maintain a database of such arms licenses issued to individuals and thereafter manage them through the system. Information handling and monitoring is the licensing mechanism is found to be rather effective by the system.

Public Grievance Information & Monitoring System

Complaints or grievances of citizens against administration are registered through this software and thereafter status of the complaints monitored till either an appropriate action is taken or the citizen concerned is satisfied with the reply. Close monitoring of such complaints in t erms of time taken for reply, nature of complaints, or Departments/Sections receiving maximum complaints and such other relevant issues.

Food grains Distribution System under Mid-day Meal

Distribution of food grains among schools under Mid-day meal scheme is depends on enrolled strength in schools. Based on a school database which is updated regularly, this distribution is done through the system accurately in an unbiased manner.

Monitoring System of Self Help Groups

Self Groups are formed with like minded rural unemployed people and registered with DRDC for undertaking different projects for their self employment and for the social economic upliftment. These groups received revolving fund from DRDC through banks on approval of SGSY Committee based on their schemes. Such groups in due course may be upgraded to Grade-II and become eligible for subsidy from DRDC as per government norms. The computerized system maintains a comprehensive database of groups and the members belonging thereto and monitors accounts of funds and subsidy.

Land Acquisition Information and Monitoring System

The maintains a comprehensive database of the cases of land acquisition. Data on plots, land owners, notices issued through Form-8 and Form-9, preparation estimates towards compensation etc. are created pertaining to cases. Thereafter changes in status, new developments etc. are captured and the cases monitored on a regular basis. The system has proved extremely beneficial for execution of the project of large projects such as widening NH-6, NH-60, laying of Dihga-Tamluk Railways, and industrialization in Haldia.

Polling Personnel Deployment System

Formation of teams and deployment of personnel in polling booths and in vote counting stations is done in an unbiased manner based on strict guidelines by the Election Commission. Randomization technique is used for the purpose. Appointment letters are issued to individuals and the deployment schedule is worked out through the system. Impartiality, accuracy, timeliness and decent print outs in statutory formats are all ensured by the system.

Election Results Information System

Roundwise counting of election results for a constituency are entered in computer as soon as they are available in online mode. Thereafter, consolidated results are flushed though Television channels giving the leading/trailing status till the final results are not declared and then won/lost status is given as soon as the final results are declared. Results can also viewed though internet. This was implemented in all the district during General Election.

Post Matric Scholarship Information System for SC/ST/OBC

Relief in shape of financial assistance under certain centrally sponsored schemes is given to post matric students belonging to SC/ST/OBC community towards their economic upliftment. The matter is handled by the office of the Project Officer Cum District Welfare Officer (PO-cum-DWO) in districts. Individual applications received through schools are processed and sanction order issued are verification of eligibility details and availability of fund. Statutory reports are generated and utilization certificates are prepared. This was implemented in all the district during General Election.

PROFLAL (Provident Fund for Landless Agricultural Labourers)

A scheme of provident fund for the landless agricultural labourers enlisted in BPL list is implemented by the Government of West Bengal. The subscribers contribute Rs.10/- per month and so does the Government. Interest as applicable under GPF scheme is allowed on the accrued amount on yearly basis. Individuals with a minimum age of 18 years and upto a maximum of 50 years can join the scheme. The software does the accounting job including generation of individual slips, office registers and other statements. A huge backlog processing job is in progress. Once the backlog is completed, current processing would start.

Base Line Survey Data Bank

Backward villages identified by the P&RD Department based on certain given norms are examined thoroughly towards their betterment. There about 4212 such villages identified as per the norms. Data covering population, literacy, communication facilities, education, social security, ICDS, Health, sanitation, irrigation, agriculture, electrification etc. are collected and database created in respect of these villages. Various reports on critical gap in the thrust area are generated for intervention by the Administration.






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