Department of Post

Head Post Office Transaction Processing System (HPOTPS)

Brief Description : Computerisation of Head Post Office Transaction Processing System (HPOTPS) for Department of Post has been developed to avoid double entry system (premium posting at HPO label and Circle label) of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) policies premium posting. It monitors all Cash/PAO schedule of PLI along with MIS at the West Bengal Circle and have a number of benefit for handling day to day operations like

• Posting of Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Annually Premium.
• Monitors HPO/PAO Schedule Entries for PLI Policies.
• PLI Circle Office Schedule Text Data (Policy information details) conversion to HPOTPS database.
• Prepare consolidated schedule like Schedule List (Schedule list for receipt), Loan Details (List of loan schedule), Payment List (Payment schedule list – Maturity, Surrender, Death, Loan and Interim Payment for AEA policies), Consolidate Report etc.
• Provide MIS Query

Computerized Circle Postal Accounting (CPACT) System

CPACT software processes data at two levels. HPO data is processed through HPO Accounting and circle compiles HPO-wise consolidated data and finally send circle abstract is sent to Department of Post (DOP).

a) Examination/verify HPO monthly booklets (all 4 parts - consolidated fund receipts/expenditure and Public account receipts/expenditure data)
b) HPO operations : Data-entry and HPO report generation
c) Compilation of HPO account
d) Circle Reports such as Major head total, Major head total HPO-wise, Major head-wise and HPO-wise, Circle Abstract, Booklets, Detail Book (DB), Disburser’s Statement, List of HPOs, List of HPOs compiled, List of HPOs incorporated, Expenditure Statement, Major Head details, Circle Abstract (Major Head-wise), Consolidation – Major Head, Consolidation – Sub-major Head, Consolidation – Minor Head, DB for a given – Major Head

Postal Accounts Transaction Maintenance System (PATRAM)

The PATRAM maintains all accounting details currently being maintained in various registers. It emulates the auditing functions carried out by the Cash Certificate (CC) Section.

The major activities of the CC Section have been incorporated in the software. They are as follows : Monitoring of Supply/Issue/Discharge of certificates, Foreign Circle transfers of Debit and Credit – Advice of Transfer of Debits (ATD) and Advice of Transfer of Credits (ATC), automatic raising of unposted items and objections, Clearance of Unposted Items, Clearance of Objections raised, Reconciliation with Detailed Book, Clearance of Outstanding items raised during reconciliation, Generation of Forms an Broadsheets, Maintenance of Non-Cash Transactions, Maintenance of Unclaimed Deposits, NC10 details, Unsold Stock, Undeliverable CCs, Sent-out CCs, Monthly HO Returns. PATRAM Backlog module allows for entry of all current accounting details being maintained in various registers, which will be the base data for PATRAM software.
For more information click on http://intra.tn.nic.in/patram






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