Consumer Affairs Department
1 Consumer Affairs Department Redress System(CDRS)  


2 Cash Account of Legal Metrology(CALM)  

The objective of the software is to compile the collection and receipt of funds of Legal Metrology Department. The s/w takes care of the collection of Fees and Fines from the traders through the Issue of Money Receipt (MR) by the ILM (Inspector of Legal Metrology) and the issue of Duplicate Carbon Receipt (DCR) by the ACLM (Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology) and CLM (Controller of Legal Metrology) for compounding purpose, and after the Collection , the collected amount deposited to the Bank through the Treasury Challan. The software also does the verification and checking for unauthorized issue of MR/DCR. The reconciliation of accounts is done automatically after the entry/modification of MR/DCR and Deposit of Challan. The software finally updated with the new features like incorporation of Market information in the MR and DCR, maintaining database on traders, markets, and awareness camp held, Incorporation of Login and password screen at the time of invoking the software, user specific option of the software, export and import facility.

The software has the following module:-

  • Administration Consisting Initialization, Allotment of MR and DCR

  • Codification Sub Division, Block, Police Station, Gram Panchayat, Treasury, Bank, Account Head

  • ILM Menu consisting MR Issue to Traders ,Deposit of Challan at Bank, Details of MR for Challan Entry, TV No. Entry for Treasury Part

  • ACLM Menu consisting DCR Issue, Deposit at bank, Challan Details Entry, Treasury Details Entry

  • CLM Menu consisting DCR Issue, Deposit at bank, Challan Details Entry, Treasury Details Entry

  • Report  Menu consisting List of MR with Receipt, List of MR Collected but Not deposited, List of Challan, List of DCR , List of DCR and bank Bank Receipt, List of DCR Collected but not deposited, Total Revenue Collection under the ACLM or CLM

3 Case Management System for W.B Taxation Tribual (TaxNet)  

The aim of this project is to improve the citizen service at the taxation tribunal by disposing of a case with greater speed by adopting electronic monitoring mechanism including automating various processes, queries and reports, provide certified copies of orders without waiting, provide transparency of information to the litigants and advocates, filing process is made to be orderly, saving time and efforts of advocates and court officials and moreover the project envisages developing a rich database of cases, orders and judgments.

The application features:

  • Auto Generation of acknowledgement receipts on submission of case

  • Provision for capturing case details and its developments happening time to time

  • Auto generation of weekly and daily cause list

  • Generation of order sheet and judgment sheet

  • Generation of monthly and annual status reports of cases

  • Maintenance of Court Fee collection and other registers

  • Provisioning a search facility about cases

  • Digital storage & retrieval service of Circulars, Statutes, Orders & Judgments

  • Publishing of Judgments against cases after scanning

Website for West Bengal Tax Tribunal: http://wbtt.gov.in





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