1. ‘Matir Katha’ (Agri-Portal) This is an agriculture based portal involving 5 Departments which are Agriculture, Agricultural marketing, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Horticulture. Through this portal, useful information in different Agricultural Sectors are  available to serve the citizens in West Bengal at grass root level. The whole range of information as covered in this portal such as name and kind of seeds, availability, price and quality control of seeds, suggestions for Season / Area / Crop / variety wise cropping ( based on crop calendar), different information related to Soil and Fertilizer, Cultivation Technique of different crops, crop diseases and their remedies, Agro-Climatic Zones and Schemes for cultivation of different crops. Regular updation of the content and further addition of Sector wise information is done. Continuous Training of Nodal Officers in each sector and sensitization of Stakeholders are arranged for propagation of effective service delivery mechanism through CSC.


2. Agricultural Integrated Management System (AIMS) Towards development of Farmer Centric Applications in the Department, following areas have been identified for SRS preparation and Software Development in the 1st Phase. A project proposal has been prepared and submitted for Computerization at Department, Directorate, District, Sub-Division and Block levels. The proposal has been accepted by the Department, initially for four districts (Burdwan, Paschim Medinipore, Coochbehar and Jalpaiguri) on pilot basis.
(i) Fertiliser Control & Management System
(ii) Certification & Quality Control of Seed Management Information System
(iii) Fertiliser Recommendation System and Quality Control of Fertiliser based on soil test
(iv) Project Monitoring system
(v) Soil Survey, Soil & Water Conservation Management System
(vi) Weather Watch Information System
(vii) Information System on Pesticide Management & Pesticide Testing


3. Seed Corporation : Financial Accounting Information System (FAIS)
The system takes inputs from the basic financial transaction documents namely Credit Voucher, Debit Voucher, Journal Voucher, Challan, Cash Memo, Tax Invoice, Closing Stock and Fixed Assets. The system generates various financial accounting reports, which include Standard, Schedule, Chalan, Tax Invoice, VAT input / output register, Sales, Purchase, MIS, Quantity statement etc.


4. Agricultural Project Monitoring System (PMS)
The main input documents are the Government Order for fund release with physical target information of different schemes up to sub-scheme / component head, fund re-appropriation order for different scheme and expenditure statement with physical achievement. The system generates various fund queries / reports, which include Directorate sub-allotment Order, Department / Directorate / DDO present position of fund, Scheme Abstract, Detail Abstract, Re-appropriation, Net Grant Statement, Annual Plan Statement and GN Statement, Outlay expenditure of physical and achievement in relevant unit of measurement , Outlay proposal for Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP)  and Special component plan for Schedule Cast (SCP -1).


5. Agri Marketing Board


6. Integrated Seed Information Management System


7. Soil Test based Fertilizer Recommendation System


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